As the first producer of welfare and information equipment of city buses, Behravesh Co. was established in 1998, and now it is the main supplier of the said products throughout IRAN.

 Behravesh has been acting as the only producer of above-mentioned products for Iranian companies. Production and installation of more than 20,000 different systems on Volvo, Scania, Mercedes Benz, ... buses and after-sale services for the same are among the activities in the records of our company.

 Most of these products have been designed and produced for the first time having no foreign similar brand.

 Now, production line of electronic systems in Behravesh Co. is equipped with all equipment and technologies required to design, manufacture, control, and improve quality of electronic assemblies and production line of mechanical systems also enjoys all types of  required facilities such as mold-marking machinery, plastic parts producing equipment, vacuum forming devices, machining and milling equipment and also equipment required for production of cooling systems like computer systems for automatic gas charging.

 Having more than 50 experienced personnel under its employment in different divisions as production, design, research and development, quality assurance, after sale services, supplies and commerce, Behravesh Co. is one of the pioneers in electronic industry of IRAN.


 Behravesh has concentrated its after-sale services in an independent unit located in Khavaran road and some other agencies in major cities.